April 22, 2024

5 Best Accessories for Your Meta Quest 2

Virtual Reality enables the linkage of the real world with the virtual world, and you can immerse yourself in the virtual world to experience the game plot. You feel like you’ve been transported to another world or are experiencing new and exciting technology.

VR games are different from those on traditional consoles like Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation; you’re no longer sitting on the couch controlling the gamepad, but you’re in the game, really confronting the enemy head-on, really shooting, really dodging them.

This more intuitive three-dimensional game experience also gives the VR game a very loyal fan base.

Among the many VR devices, the most striking or acclaimed is the Meta Quest 2, which is now the most significant number of users.

It costs, so naturally, we want it to have a long life until we are no longer interested in it one day. Before that day, we’d better keep it well. Then there are some essential accessories on your shopping list.

1. Meta Quest 2 Case

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The Oculus Quest 2 is such big and heavy, with two controllers, it is necessary to have a Case with more extensive storage space unless you would like to throw your devices casually.

The Younik Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case has a bigger Storage Space, mesh pockets, and shockproof straps, which are specially 1:1 customized with the real Quest 2.

With comprehensive protection, it features three layers of protective material. With pure velvet lining, high hardness EVA middle layer, and durable Oxford cloth on the outer layer, it perfectly fits your VR headset, controllers, and elite strap. It also prevents friction, scratches, dust, and water and avoids accidental drops and collisions.

If you want to bring it out, our quest 2 case is also carefully equipped with a non-slip handle, wider shoulder straps, and a matching backpack loop, which is super convenient whether it is handheld or carried with a suitcase.

Overall, Younik’s Oculus Quest 2 is designed to protect your device and enhance your gaming experience. You deserve to have one.

2. Oculus Quest 2 Cooling Fan

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Equipped with heat releasing design, this Younik VR Quest 2 cooling fan ensures you stay cool and relieves lens fogging. Smooth air circulation and temperature control give you a better gaming experience.

The face cover is made of soft PU leather, skin-friendly and sweat-proof, and easy to remove and clean. In addition, the ergonomically designed foam can perfectly fit your face, effectively reducing the pressure on your head during the game.

This cooling fan for VR Quest 2 has two adjustable speeds, you can adjust it to medium or high speed according to your needs, and the LED indicator will show the current gear. You can connect the fan to the VR headset while playing or use the Type C-C cable to charge the fan in advance.

The cooling fan’s snap-on design and the foam’s velcro design make our product easy to install and remove. It only takes four steps to install:

  • Remove the original face cover.
  • Install the PU foam on the vents bracket.
  • Place our foam on the Quest 2 headset.
  • Snap-on the cooling fan.

What you get:

  • Cooling fan *1
  • PU leather foam *1
  • Vents bracket*1
  • Type C-C cable *1
  • Wiping cloth *1 

Best of all, this cooling fan can optimize your gaming experience, making it a very sound investment.

3. Oculus Quest 2 Silicone Covers

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The material for the shell protector is soft premium silicone, which prevents your VR shell from scratches and dust. We have precise hole cutting to ensure perfect heat dissipation and no signal blocking.

The face cover is made of high-quality silicone which is soft and has no irritation to our skin. The cover curve is very close to your face and avoids light leakage. In addition, the lens protective cover can protect your lens from scratches.

Younik eye mask cover is an elastic design, and it is suitable for most people. The cloth eye mask cover is not single-use. Due to its recyclable and washable, the Younik eye mask cover is able to effectively protect your eyes and VR headset from sweat.

The grip covers with velcro band can release your hands, provide a better grip sense and enhance your gaming experience. You can adjust the size to fit different sizes of hands. The precise holes will not block signals during the game.

Just like the Switch protectors, Oculus Quest 2 covers are also really necessary.

What you can get:

  • 1 x Front Shell Cover
  • 2 x Controller Grip Covers
  • 1 x Face Cover
  • 1 x Protective Lens Cover
  • 1 x Cloth Eye Mask Cover
  • 4 x Thumps-tick Caps

4. Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock

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Talk about charging for Oculus Quest 2, and then you cannot miss Younik Oculus Quest 2 Magnetic Charging Dock.

Younik advanced charging dock is designed for Meta Quest 2, which can charge controllers and headsets simultaneously. This charging station also keeps your Quest 2 system neatly displayed and stored.

Place your Quest 2 headset on the charging dock with the magnetic connector inserted. There is a magnetic suction on each controller’s charging port, making it easy to charge your VR headset and controller without a USB cable.

This charging dock can simultaneously charge your Quest 2 headset and controllers, saving you time. Fully charged in about 3 hours for your Quest 2 headset and 4 hours for controllers. The indicator light on the charging station shows the charging status by remaining red when charging and turning blue when fully charged.

Younik Quest 2 charging stand has 2 x 1800 mAh rechargeable batteries. This charger is safe to use with overcurrent/short circuit/overcharge and overvoltage protection.

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 x Charging Dock for/Meta Quest 2
  • 2 x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2 x Magnetic Battery Covers
  • 1 x Magnetic Headset Connector
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 2 x Thumb Grip Cover
  • 1 x Stand for HeadStrap

5. Oculus Quest 2 Stand

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This Younik VR display holder is compatible with most standard-sized VR headsets, such as Quest 1, Quest 2, Rift S, Valve Index, HTC Vive, PS VR1, and PS VR2. A must-have for your VR headset and controllers.

With six anti-skip pads, this VR holder provides more stability for your VR accessories. This VR headset holder comes with two different controller holders, and you can choose to hang or plug your controllers.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this VR stand is lightweight and durable. Display your VR headset with no contact with the lenses, no need to worry about scratches.

You can not only put VR headsets and controllers on the VR stand, but you can put more accessories such as a headset, extension cables, and Quest 2 head strap, making your accessories well organized.

This VR stand can be assembled in just four steps without any tools. It can also be disassembled quickly for easy storage and keeps your desktop tidy.


Hope this guide for the best Oculus Quest 2 accessories can help you make decisions. Have fun in the excellent, visual gaming world.

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