July 23, 2024

Hit the Road with Younik Portable & Hard Switch Carrying Case

The Nintendo Carrying Case has gained worldwide popularity due to its convenience and storage capabilities. As the demand for carrying cases continues to rise, they have become a fashion statement, representing both style and functionality. Younik’s Nintendo Carrying Case stands out by offering exceptional portability and ample storage space, making it a sought-after choice for individuals on the way. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, our carrying case is designed to meet your needs effectively.


Small Size

When we’re on the go, it’s natural to prefer carrying fewer belongings. The thrill of traveling light is undeniable. The Younik Nintendo carrying case embodies the essence of “effortless travel” with its lightweight design. Measuring just 260*125*40mm, it easily fits into your backpack and can even be held in your hand or worn on your back (we offer wrist and shoulder straps). This makes it an exceptional travel companion that you can rely on.

Convenient with Large Capacity

Despite its compact size, this Younik Nintendo carrying case boasts a generous storage capacity. It features a mesh pocket that conveniently stores your accessories, including controllers, earphones, and charger. Additionally, it comes equipped with storage slots for up to 9 game cartridges, ensuring you can bring your favorite games with you during your travels without worrying about loss or damage.

15 Accessories in total

The Younik Switch bundle is a comprehensive package that includes a total of 15 accessories. In addition to the carrying case itself, you will receive essential items like tempered films, protective case, controller protective covers, and thumb caps, etc. This means that you won’t have to purchase additional basic game accessories as our kit is designed to meet all your daily gaming needs.

Special Customize Concept

Distinguished from other carrying cases, the Younik carrying case offers a platform for your creativity to flourish. It comes with a delightful assortment of adorable rabbit stickers, allowing you to personalize your case. Whether you choose to embellish the bag, the protective case, or even the stand, you have the freedom to showcase your unique style. This distinctive touch ensures that your gaming accessories stand out from the crowd when you’re on the go.

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