April 22, 2024

Score Big: Your BFCM Shopping List for Gaming

BFCM is around the corner, have you geared up to get some accessories for your Switch or Steamdeck? It’s a great time to prepare gifts for yourself or for the ones you love. We’ve got you. This BFCM holiday, we’ve prepared up to 35% off for your gaming accessories.

Buy one = 15% off = 15% code (bfcm15)

Buy more than one = 35% off =35% off code (bfcm35)

1. Our Classic Guardian Series – Cute stickers Switch Carrying Case

💕 Younik Cute Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

If you’re aiming for an adorable Switch case, you’re in luck! Our selection includes the Younik Switch case, which becomes uniquely yours with the addition of cute stickers. Not only does it boast cuteness, but it also comes complete with 14 essential accessories for your daily gaming requirements. From thumb grips to protective cases and screen protectors, this comprehensive set has you covered. Why settle for just one accessory when you can get an entire series in one go? Don’t miss the chance to elevate your gaming experience with convenience and style!

2. Power Play: The Tech Armor Edition – Rugged Steamdeck Bag

💕 Younik Steamdeck Carrying Case

Whether you’re looking for protection or convenience in carrying, a bag is essential for your Steamdeck. The Younik Steamdeck bag is meticulously designed to accommodate various gaming accessories, including the Steamdeck, charger, cables, and even your phone, Nintendo Switch, or other essentials (with a capacity for up to 10 items). Its robust hard shell ensures powerful protection, bids farewell to worries about accidental drops. The addition of an adjustable crossbody strap makes it perfect for your daily commute or travel, providing both security and portability.

3. Gaming in Style – Denim Switch Case & PU Switch Case

Different from traditional bags, our new 2023 bags are carefully designed. We have added fashion elements to traditional game bags, with classic denim materials and retro PU leather, making game bags no longer Designed specifically for consoles in the traditional sense, they also play the role of daily fashion. Our new bags have received praise from many users as soon as they were launched, and we also believe that they must be the best choice for gift giving.

4. All-In-One Gamer’s Delight Bundle – Basic Switch Bag

💕 Younik Nintendo Switch Bundle

We once collected data from game enthusiasts, and 80% of game enthusiasts said that they have at least two game bags – one is a light and thin game bag that is carried daily, and the other is a game bag that is kept at home for accessories. . This coincides with our philosophy of creating packages, we always have multiple needs. Therefore, if you don’t want to always be unable to find accessories, or parts are damaged, or the room is messy, then you must buy our large-capacity bag – specially designed for the storage of spare parts. It has enough space to hold accessories such as headphones, game cards, chargers, controllers, etc. In addition, we are also equipped with more than 10 game accessories, many of which do not require extra time to search.

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